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Thursday, 18 October 2012 00:00

New Freetown Executive CommitteeThe United Democratic Party held meetings on Wednesday, October 10th, 13th, and 16th to name executive committees in the Cayo North East, Lake Independence and the Freetown divisions respectively.

On Wednesday, a meeting was held at the UDP Cayo North East constituency office at 26 Sixth Street San Ignacio Town where Fermin Magana was selected to be the chairman of the constituency committee. He will be assisted by members: Doreen Nunez, Anthony Rosado, Melissa Parham, Daniel Waight, Abimael Herrera, Alfonso Cruz Aury Quintanilla, Shern Robateau, Teodola Witz, David Gallardo, Wayne Casey, Shelan Humes, Norman  Dueck, and George Plett. Alternates selected were Jose Antonio Cardoza, Enrique Arrollo, Wilmer Monroy, Jose Perez, and Elisandro Padilla. Hon. Elvin Penner heads this committee as the current Area Representative.

On Saturday, a meeting was also held at the United Democratic Party Headquarters where an energized executive committee was selected. The Chairperson of the committee is now Jean Baizar with members being: Rose Armstrong, Valerio Yama, Therese Flowers, Carl Wagner, Jason Edwards, Ewell Grinage, Carlene Theus, Calvert Quilter, Doris Forman, Shawna Gillett, Melissa Williams, Freddy Cantillano, Deborah Thompson and Wallace Meighan. Alternate members are Gilroy Middleton, Stephanie Ramclam, Rosita Yama, Tameca Baizar, Julia Jimenez. Hon. Mark King is the Area Representative for the Lake I Constituency and heads the committee.

Also holding a meeting was the Freetown Division where a new UDP executive was selected. The new committee will be composed of Kenworth Tillett as the chairman while delegates are: Geovanna Leiva, Wilmot Simmons, Kenrick Ysaguirre, Mark Chang Lee, Kevin Leiva, Ian Leiva, Alex Williams, Karina Leiva, Russell Godfrey,Chun  Chieh Lai, Moren Pooransingh, Ernest Broaster, Kevin Franklin and Armando Leiva. Alternates are Audrey Perez, Jennifer Smith, Norma Sutherland, Jenna Grey and Kadim Tam. The Freetown area Caretaker for the UDP is Lee Mark Chang.

In speaking to Hon. Patrick Faber, Party Chairman, he explained that the committees play and important role in each constituency as they provide invaluable service and advice to the area reps and caretakers. With well-organized constituency committees, Hon. Faber explained that the UDP is looking to ensure victory in every single election that comes from now on.