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Thursday, 25 October 2012 00:00

Abdul Asis Mohamed Dib and Alfred ShackronBusinessman Alfred Shackron is the latest victim of crime in Belize City. Shackron was shot three times as he exited Body 2000 gym, which is located on Coney Drive at around 9:20 on Wednesday morning. Shackron was shot just as he was about to get into his vehicle that was parked nearby. Police report that shots were fired at Shackron from a vehicle, which was in the area. Those, who were in the area, say that men pulled up in a black Ford Escape and he had an exchange of words with them.  After which, the men in the vehicle attempted to drag him into the vehicle. He resisted and was subsequently shot. He received wounds to the neck and chest. He died shortly thereafter as a result of the injuries he sustained. At the scene, police recovered two expended 9 millimeter shells as well as a .22 millimeter expended shell.

Shackron, who is of Lebanese descent, was a well-known businessman, being the owner of JEC Pawn Shop in Belize City as well as the owner of the popular lottery game Mega Bingo.

Shackron's murder comes just a day after another businessman was similarly killed. Shortly before 1p.m. on Tuesday, Abdul Aziz Mohamed Dib, a 40-year-old U.S. national of Lebanese descent, was at King Kabab Restaurant located in the Farmer's Market in Belize City along with other men of Lebanese extraction, when a gunman approached them. The assailant, described as being tall and of dark complexion and wearing a mask, simply approached Dib and opened fire. He received a gunshot to the head, left hand, center of the abdomen, upper chest and lower back. Dib fell off his chair, breaking it, and died on the spot. Police recovered 7 expended shells on the scene.

It is unclear what connection there is between the two murders, but, that two businessmen of similar background being killed less than 24 hours apart has investigators looking at the likelihood of a connection existing between the two murders.

Police have stated that the killings were not random acts of violence or gang related. A police press release states that the Shackron killing has all appearances of being an organized hit having to do with a business deal gone sour.