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Thursday, 25 October 2012 00:00

Alvaro Rene GregorioThe murder case against 34-year-old Alvaro Rene Gregorio began on Monday, October 15th, and took a sudden halt on Friday, October 19th, when Justice Troadio Gonzalez discharged the 12-member jury and ordered a retrial.

Gregorio is accused of killing his estranged wife’s lover, 43-year-old Roberto Jimenez Maroquin on October 8th, 2008. According to reports, Aura Molina had separated herself from her husband, Gregorio, for three months before the incident took place. Gregorio went to his wife’s home on the day of the murder and fifteen minutes later, Roberto Jimenez arrived to have lunch. Gregorio warned Jimenez that he did not want him around his wife and that’s when police say he reached for a twelve-inch kitchen knife and stabbed Jimenez to the left side of the rib cage and to the left side of the chest. Jimenez died inside the home. San Pedro Police later recovered the murder weapon from a nearby swamp. Gregorio’s wife was the only witness to the incident and she testified in court on Friday, saying that she had been having an affair with Maroquin, who showed up at her house in San Pedro while her husband and two children were at home. She told the court that Gregorio tried to chase Maroquin from the house and they got into an argument. Gregorio allegedly took a knife that Molina was using in the kitchen and stabbed Maroquin. The trial came to an abrupt end when Gregorio’s attorney, Simeon Sampson, raised a technicality that his client’s wife should not have been called to give evidence against him. Molina assured the court that she was willingly testifying, but after arguments from both sides, the issue could not be settled and the jury was discharged. Sampson says that he approached the prosecutors, Sharmilla Williams and Thalia Megan Francis, about his concerns even before the trial began, but it was not addressed until he brought it up in court. The retrial is set to begin next week and Molina will not be on the witness list.