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Thursday, 25 October 2012 00:00

Bismark’s Aaron StockBelize City, October 20, 2012

Team Rivero’s Welders is leading the 1st Division of the Brothers Habet team table tennis competition with 5 points, while undefeated Ping Pang is leading the 2nd Division with 10 points the tournament held under the auspices of the Belize Table Tennis Association at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Saturday, October 20th.

Team Welders cruised past Team Cuz: 5-1 with Ian Mcfield swatting Hollis Parham and Nick Martin 3-0 each, Ernesto Rivero spanked Jorge Espat and Hollis Parham each by a 3-1 score and Petie Usher-Matus edged past Jorge Espat 3-2. Nick Martin won one for Team Cuz: 3-2 against Petie Matus.

In 2nd division play, Team Ping Pang blew out the winless SJC Strikers 5-0. Yasser Musa spanked Johann Ketz and Kody August: 3-0 each, Mark Musa spanked Ashley Weller and Johann Ketz also 3-0 each and Mishek Musa won 3-0 over Kody August. Ping Pang also mauled Team Garage 5-1.

Team Tallawah is ranked 2nd with 8 points after posting their 4th win: 5-0 over SJC Lightspeed on Saturday. Tallawah’s Robert Peyrefitte spanked Daniel Sanchez 3-1 and despatched Miguel Reyes: 3-1, Gian Lisbey spanked Bryton Codd and over Daniel Sanchez each: 3-0 and Harim Ochaeta dismissed Miguel Reyes: 3-0.

Team Bismark also has 8 points after posting their 4th win: 5-4 against the BDF Spin Kings. Bismark’s Aaron Stock swatted Charlton Roches 3-0 and spanked Radford Baizar 3-1, Moses Babb won 3-1 over Radford Baizar and 3-0 over Clifton Williams, and Matthew Usher dismissed Charlton Roches 3-0. For the BDF Spin Kings, Charlton Roches outlasted Moses Babb 3-2, Clifton Williams outlasted Aaron Stock and Matthew Usher each: 3-2, while Radford Baizar sent in Matthew Usher: 3-1.

Team Garage 2nd Division won 5-1 over the SJC Snipers, as Harold Young won 3-2 over Leo Carballo and 3-0 over Fabio Carballo; Luis Marin dismissed Damian Perdomo and Leo Carballo each: 3-0, while Mike Sanchez prevailed over Damian Perdomo 3-1. Fabio Carballo won one for the Smipers: 3-0 over Mike Sanchez.

The SJC Young Warriors enjoyed their first win: 5-4 over the Turds. SJC’s Khalid Musa won 3-1 over Jarrid Thompson and dismissed Raymond Woods: 3-0. Joshua Gegg also dismissed Raymond Woods and Jarrid Thompson 3-0 each, and won 3-1 vs Khalid Encalada. For the Turds, Khalid Encalada dismissed Joshua Parham 3-0 and outlasted Khalid Musa 3-2, Raymond Woods spanked Joshua Parham: 3-1 and Jarrid Thompson also won 3-1 vs Joshua Parham.
The Turds bounced back to upset the SJC Strikers: 5-3.

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