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Thursday, 25 October 2012 00:00

Born on May 8, 1950, Elias Awe dedicated his life to serving needy Belizeans. As the Director of Help for Progress HFP, he promoted micro-credit finance. About a year ago, when he became aware of his diagnosis, he was involved—in confidence building measures - with some eight communities in Guatemala and six in Belize, engaging them in alternative income generation. He was also involved in the Banana Belt using funds from the Banana Association to build houses for banana workers.

Simultaneous to being the Director of a Non-Governmental Organization in Belmopan, he was also the Governor of the Octavia Waight Center for the elderly in San Ignacio. This stock taker of Cayo’s many milestones, served Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio Town for over two decades and was a founding member of Marla’s House of Hope in the Nation’s Capital.

Awe’s great experience as a librarian at the Belize College of Agriculture in Central Farm, joined with his methods of team building, awarded him with numerous international partners as diverse as the UNHCR, Oxfam and Irish Aid. One such longstanding associate was Doctor Anabel Ford, from the University of California, who reflected on Awe’s life: a national treasure, gave his sincere interest in a fair and equitable world. His grasp of language, his wealth of knowledge, his depth of understanding, his humility, and his dedication to social work is unparalleled in the world. Elias Awe was an exemplary professional, the essence of justice, compassion, empathy with clear objective to honor the farmers of rural Belize and the Maya forest.

One of Mr. Elias Awe’s most recent joint ventures was the spacious Octavia Waight Center Convention Hall, opened just last month in his home town of San Ignacio; built to serve as an additional source of income for the elderly.

“He was never a guy for medals, trophies; he thought that there was a place for all of us to do good,” says Joe Awe, son of Elias Awe.

A mass was observed for Elias Ajib Awe on Monday afternoon at the Roman Catholic Church in San Ignacio. Father Noel Leslie told the congregation that Awe used his many talents for the betterment of others. It was a final farewell to a Senior Justice of the Peace, who had been commissioned by the Bishop to communicate faith and justice.