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Thursday, 01 November 2012 00:00

The United Democratic Party continued with its process of selecting committees to represent constituencies across the country. On Saturday, October 27th, the Cayo North division saw the election of Dean Williams as the Chairman. Also elected as members were as follows: George Herrera, Omar Figueroa, Martin Galvez, Isais Franco, Antonio Herrera, Harry Guy, Rufino Pott, Ricardo Roches, Wilfredo Zetina, Amir Escobar, Lupita Orellana -  Ferguson, Marvin Garcia, Jaime Garcia, and Mike Gamez. Alternates elected are as follows: Luis Morey, Victor Pott, Melvin Rivera, and Sabino Pinelo. Caretaker for the division is current Mayor for San Ignacio and Santa Elena, John August.

Present at the meeting were UDP party Chairman, Hon. Patrick Faber, Deputy Party Chairman, Roosevelt Blades and National Party Coordinator, Ruben Campos.

Also selecting its committee was the UDP Cayo South constituency on Sunday, October 28th. At the conclusion Hilbert Lopez was elected chairman. Selected as committee members were as follows: Mike Juan, Erick Gongora, Cruz Cal, Edward Arthurs, Keith Codrington, Lisa Garbutt, Dawn Matute, Sara Yacab, Florentino Baiza, Floyd Hutchingson, Godwin Flowers,  David Romero, Luis Guerra, and Manuel Lemus. Alternates selected were Albert Garbutt, Armando Pelayo, Raynard Garbutt, Miguel Areval and Matthew Patnett.
Corozal Bay and Corozal North will be holding elections on Sunday, November 4th.