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Thursday, 08 November 2012 00:00

Kevin BernardIt seems that the hallmarks of the Orange Walk Town Mayor are overtaxing residents, retrenchment and mismanagement. In the 8 months that Kevin Bernard has been in office, he has proven that the Orange Walk Town Council is in the worst hands that it has ever been. Immediately after taking office, he fired workers, broke up the existing equipment at the Council and began overtaxing the residents.

Now the mini-mayor is looking to impose even more taxes on the people of Orange Walk. By his own admission, the Mayor says that the Council is broke and they need to find ways through which they can bleed more money from the residents of the town. As it is, the Council is unable to collect finances that were projected including trade licenses, liquor licenses and property taxes. Adding insult to injury for the residents of Orange Walk is the fact that at least one official of the Council is know to have soirees in neighboring Chetumal with young men. Now the Mayor is looking to add a $5.00 garbage tax on the residents.

And the feedback from the town is that the residents simply will not have it. They claim that already the Council is unable to do simple maintenance work on streets and drains yet it is asking for residents to pay a garbage tax. They clearly recall that the Council is overspending money on salaries for friends and cronies of the Mayor and the councilors yet the people of Orange Walk Town cannot get services from the Council.

The bright idea to impose a tax when there is nothing that can be shown for the money that the council is spending will definitely not be taken lightly.