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Thursday, 08 November 2012 00:00

That light was manifested in the person of Cherry Mae Pascascio, who took her first breath on the 27th. September, 1944. She was the daughter of Enid Ortiz and Egbert Pascascio  now deceased.  However, she was blessed by her foster parens Leopold and Elswith Chevez.  Cherry Mae had three brothers, Egbert, Gilbert, and Phillip Pascascio and two sisters, Ionie and Evelyn Pascascio.

Cherry Mae matured into a vivacious lady, who loved and enjoyed life. She never married. Being very independent  minded   but bore two daughters: Elswith Chevez and Pamela Pascascio. They, in turn, gifted her with six grandchildren: Tanikka and Tyrone Raymond and Tezha Davis, Tareek Pascascio, Tyrah and Teneil Humes. Being the affectionate, considerate, and motherly individual that she was, Cherry literally took over the rearing of these grandchildren , to all intents and purposes, they were hers. She was a strict disciplinarian but her love for them was intense and unequivocal.

Again, owing to her strong maternal instincts and affectionate personality, people were drawn to Cherry. It was no surprise therefore, that during the course of her life, she acquired additional children not by birth but by strong bonds of love and appreciation: daughter, Dorothy Bradley and sons , Fredrick

Garcia, Anthony Garbutt and Myself, Leroy Green. I, for one can attest to her open-mindedness, affection, acceptance, understanding and apparently endless supply of unconditional love as she was one of the very few persons who offered me this kindness. Indeed, in some ways, she understood me far better than my blood family did and I became a part of hers and all who treated me in like manner  -  to Elswith and Pam, I am brother, to Tanikka, Tyrone, Tezha, Tareek, Tyra, and Teneil, I am uncle.

In addition to her motherliness and caring disposition, Cherry Mae was also an exceptional chef, and it was with eager anticipation that all of us, family and friends would await the numerous celebratory gatherings at her Petticoat Alley abode to appease our palettes on her rich coconut milk rice and beans, tangy potato salad, tender aromatic roast turkey, succulent ham and spicy bread crumb stuffing. Of course, these repasts would be consumed amidst extensive conversations and boisterous laughter. Some who often enjoyed these socials were her most treasured friends: Darlene Dunn, Geraldine Gault, Norma Bailey and Erleen Daly;  Greta Mossiah, and Solainge Tucker were not always physically present but were considered special friends also.

Despite her busy schedule of mother, father, grandmother, house-gem, Cherry still found time to involve herself in various church and community-oriented activities and events and, in ricognition of these voluntary services, was awarded the distinction of Justice of the Peace in 1989.

She was a devout Methodist and ardent churchgoer and became a fixture here at Ebenezer Church where she served in various capacities:  Usher, PTA member and President of the Women’ s Group. This kept her busy planning, organizing and supervising events such as valentine’s banquets, Mother’s Day dinners, etc. Cherry liked things to run smoothly and efficiently and believed in the saying “sleep with your own eyes,” so she would work herself off her feet to ensure that things were done properly.

Active in the UDP, she often served as campaigner for various elections and as delegate to party conventions. Her political beliefs however, did not deter her from extending the hand of friendship to others of other political convictions. In fact, she was good friends with former Prime Minister, Said Musa.

On the cultural scene, Cherry was a fervent advocate of the value of the Tenth of September. Inspired by this, she served on the Queen of the Bay Committee and often was chaperone to the delegates and the Queen herself. She also, at various times, functioned as the chaparone to the Grand Marshal of the Tenth Parade.

Cherry Mae also possessed other qualities. Despite her affectionate demeanour, she was a no-nonsense person who did not suffer foolishness gladly. She was candid and outspoken and, when the occasion demanded it, would quell those who irritated her with fierce looks and some caustic and  sometimes colourful words. In other words Cherry never played the hypocrite, what you saw was what you got .
For many years, Cherry was afflicted with high - blood pressure and its accompanying ills. Still, being somewhat strong-headed, she frequently paid little heed to the doctor’s admonitions. Cherry ate what Cherry wanted.

In late October,  2012, God gave us a sign that He wished to retrieve the special light He had loaned to us for 68 years. Cherry became gravely ill and had to be hospitalized. Though she put up a valiant fight, her flame wavered, flickered and was finally extinguished on Thursday, November 1st, 2012.

Today, we celebrate her life and console ourselves with the luminiscence of the memories residing in our hearts.

Shine on in heaven Cherry Mae.