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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 08 November 2012 00:00

Gale Escarpeta“Fun loving and determined- a solid advocate for Belizean youths.” That is how 27-year-old Youth for the Future employee Gayle Escarpeta’s friend and coworker, Crystal Dacoff, described Belize City’s most recent female to fall victim to gun violence. Family and friends of Gayle are left with more questions than answers after they found out that she had been killed a little after 2:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, November 3rd.

Police say that at approximately 2:30 a.m. Gayle was traveling with a male friend in a white Mazda on West Canal and their vehicle was being pursued by a green car with 4 male occupants inside. There is no official statement released as to when and where the pursuit began but, it ended at the corner of West Canal and South Street where occupants of the green car pulled up and opened fire on the white Mazda. While her friend escaped unharmed, Gayle was struck by at least three bullets: two to the right arm and one to the right arm pit. She succumbed to her injuries shortly after.

Police Press Officer, Raphael Martinez said police do not believe the murder was the result of gang rivalry: “Having looked into that story and asked the investigating officer, they have absolutely no connection with any criminal activity, they are not known to be gang affiliates nor are they known to be associated with any illicit activity.” With such a spotless record, there is growing demand from Gayle’s family, friends and community for answers or - at the very least - one answer. Why would men so viciously slay a fun loving and determined advocate for Belizean youths? If Gayle was a young lady from Cayo when would the business community have shut down? Would police have already located the green car and would suspects already be paraded in the front of an angry mob?

Sadly, Gayle is not from Cayo and there is no one taking to the streets in Belize City on her behalf. In Belize City, she is more likely to go down as another statistic, one more tick on the murder tally. Such will remain the case until city residents rise like those brave men and women we admire from San Ignacio and Santa Elena.

This week, Gayle was expected to be leading activities for Belize Youth Week 2012. Instead, her children are crying for a noticeably absent mom and her family is making funeral arrangements.

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