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Thursday, 08 November 2012 00:00

Maria Enriquez and Nelda VelasquezThe Immigration Department has embarked on operations at local bars and within the last few days, there have been three businesswomen who have been caught hiring foreigners at their establishment, without employment permits.

The most recent businesswoman to be charged was Sandra Carballo, 22, and owner of Blue House Bar in the Ladyville area. Carballos was fined a total of $5,500 when she appeared last week in Magistrate's Court on five charges of employing a person not in possession of a working permit.

On Friday, November 2nd, four other businesswomen were charged. 43-year-old Salvadoran businesswoman, Maria Yolanda Enriquez, who has been living in Belize for the last 20 years and owns La Cabana Bar located at #46 East Collect Canal along with 34-year-old Guatemalan national, Nilda Floriselda Velasquez, who lives at #945 Antelope Street in Belize City and is the owner of Lion King’s Bar located at #34 King Street both appeared in Magistrate's Court.

The first to be arraigned was Enriquez, who was represented by Attorney, Sharon Pitts-Robateau. She appeared before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart in Court #5 where she was charged with five counts of employing a person not in possession of a working permit. She pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Reports say that on November 1, 2012, Maria Yolanda Enriquez employed Honduran nationals Genie Melissa Garcia, Suyapa Yamilet Erazo, Irma Isabel Aritha, Cinthia Dolores Baharona and Glenis Orisis Erazo, who were not in possession of a working permit.

Enriquez pleaded not guilty to the charges and bail was offered to her in the sum of $4,000 plus one surety of the same amount. Her bail was set with the condition that she surrender all her travelling documents. She is to reappear in court on December 15th.

Also arraigned before Hattie Mae Stuart was Nilda Floriselda Velasquez who was charged with three counts of employing a person not in possession of a working permit. She pleaded guilty to the charges and was fined $1,000 for each offense. She was ordered to pay the fine by December 15th, or in default, 2 years imprisonment.

Allegations are that on November 1st, 2012, Nilda Floresilda Valasquez as the owner of Lion King Bar located on King Street employed, Guatemalan nationals Angela Beatrice Colli and Maria Estella Colli along with Honduran national Kayla Marina Murrillo.