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Thursday, 15 November 2012 00:00

Julius EspatChairman of the Public Accounts Committee, in his usual fashion, is acting like a spoilt brat after he is unable to have his way with the position he has been appointed to serve on.

In an arbitrary and unilateral move, Julius Espat took it upon himself to invite members of the public and the media to a meeting of the committee. This goes contrary to what is specified in the Standing Orders that govern the Public Accounts Committee.

But the behavior of Julius Espat is nothing new. Everyone, who sees the tantrums he throws at each and every house meeting, now knows that he is just a spoilt brat. Whenever he is unable to have his own way, he thumps, stomps and hisses. He famously stated in the National Assembly that he does not adhere to any Standing Order of the House since he gets his Standing Orders from the people of Cayo South. Well, this must be a newsflash to Julius, or maybe it is just information that he chooses to ignore, very much like what takes place in the House, the House Committees are also bound by Standing Orders.

If he were to just take a small portion of his time and actually read and familiarize himself with the orders, he would not make a fool of himself in every media appearance he makes. He simply refuses to understand that the committee he sits on is not filled with people he can dictate to. The committee actually is composed and the directives and direction of the committee must be had by way of unanimous support.

In his most recent attempt to show himself, Julius unilaterally made up and agenda and purported to ram it on the committee. Well, Julius "eh no work soh!" Decisions of the committee are done as a collective. Wheel and come again!

And while he tries to impose his dictates to the Public Accounts Committee, there are those inside the PUP who are wondering, how is it that Julius ended up taking up that position in the first place. One highly placed PUP pointed out that it was "oxymoronic"; the fellow stated, "but Julius has a past dealings with the PUP where Public Accounts are still outstanding!" We imagine that the highly placed PUP must have been talking about the many contracts, which he was known to get under the PUP. He must have also been referring to an instance where a prime piece of real estate was sold to Julius for a pittance.  This was after he had been paid thousands of dollars to refurbish the piece of real estate. He later turned around and sold that very asset for a king's ransom.

Maybe the next time Julius comes up to the Public Accounts Committee, he should put on the agenda how it was that the PUP disposed of the building located next to the Government House in Belize City. That surely will be a lively discussion. He can also bring in one former Attorney General to give his input on it.
Julius: "stop yuh nonsense, BEHAVE YUHSELF!"   

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