The Case of Two Dunces Print E-mail
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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 15 November 2012 00:00

I gave you that introduction so that so I could tell you this: since I don’t like to be part of political committee, I have never felt the need to read the constitution of any political party. That said, and I say this tongue in cheek, I would like to accuse one of the Musa’s in the PUP National Executive of breaking their own constitution when they exiled Papas Garcia in Corozal Bay on Saturday 12th November. Really, the present PUP National Executive, heavily slanted towards Musa’s influence, dislikes anyone who was even remotely associated to Juan Briceño, unless they openly spear the man in the back like the good doctor from the East and the know-it-all from OW South.

That’s how the PUP works, like the Mob. If you don’t at least hum to their tune, you are out. So, it came as no surprise to hear the PUP chairman declare, with glaring haughtiness, that as soon as a PUP candidate loses an election, he no longer is the standard bearer in his constituency and has no authority in that division. As far as tradition has dictated in both parties, once elected at a convention, the standard bearer remains as such until another convention is called by the National Executive either to replace or confirm him for the next General Election. The clearest case is when the late Rt. Hon. Price lost in Freetown in 1984; he still remained as Party Leader until the following convention, and went on to be Prime Minster again. So the Musas drop it on “pan” Papas, without even one “lee” kiss.

The other constitutional scholar is the outlandish gentleman from Cayo South. He is constantly being reprimanded in the Honourable House for not following Standing Orders;  a recognition he shamelessly wears as a badge of honor, and later even boasts that he only follows Standing Orders from the people of Cayo South. I will take a chance today and make a political prediction (like the famous pan handler on Love FM) and say that next time around, Espat will get his Marching Orders from the people of Cayo South!

Anyway, this man seems to have bats in the belfry. He goes around acting undisciplined and unmanageable, throwing insults here and making accusations there. I mean, how can this man, who claims to have served in many Boards not know about protocol? There is always a set of procedures and guidelines to follow, and certainly Board meetings are not held in public. Unless the Boards he refers to, and in which he claims to have served, are the water boards in the villages!

Espat continues to act at all levels as if the PUP had won the majority of seats in the House of Representatives. I suggest he takes time and read the rules of the House and take up vocabulary in his spare time since, I think he is confusing the definitions of the words “chairman” and “dictator”. I mean, how imprudent does it look for him to have issued summonses to the Financial Secretary and the Auditor General without the consensus of this House Committee, the majority of which is comprised of government representatives? How dunce?