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Written by Shane d. Williams   
Thursday, 15 November 2012 00:00

Salima’s Limeade StandshanePrime Minister Barrow has a chance to go down in the books as the most effective Prime Minister in Belize’s history. Yet, he is in danger of becoming the third most favorable public servant in his own home. That is because 7-year-old Salima Barrow leaped into the hearts of Belizeans when she opened a lemonade stand in an effort to raise money for children living with cancer.

On Sunday afternoon, November 4th, Salima and a couple friends from her Standard 1 class at Hummingbird Elementary School made over $2,000 by selling lemonade inside the BTL Park. This is a case where the phrase taking limes and making lemonade can truly be appreciated. Many tend to overlook the fact that she too has to go through the battle against cancer with her mother. While Mrs. Barrow has been an inspiration to the country and world during her public battle with the deadly disease, it was Salima’s smiles and hugs that gave her the strength she needed in some difficult times.  When her American Airlines flight touched ground at the Phillip Goldson International Airport in June of this year after her heart was almost completely destroyed due to a negative reaction to treatment, Salima met her on the runway, ran towards her and embraced her warmly. For that moment, her heart was made whole. Mrs. Barrow said it was an extremely joyous time for her: “She is my sunshine! I am always so happy to see her.” Cancer patients experience good days and bad days while receiving treatment. Through Mrs. Barrow’s good and bad days, her husband and daughter have been there.

Instead of being shaken, Salima was motivated. She kept mentioning the lemonade stand idea to her mom because she was driven by her desire to do something of her own to help cancer patients. Finally, a family friend heard her mentioning the idea and with the help of the Bowen family “Salima’s Limeade Stand” was opened. Salima was joined by Gianna Saldivar, Hayley and Abigail Thurton. In total they made $2,051.20. The girls will hand over the money to the Dangriga Cancer Center in December and they plan to open the stand once again when school closes. The Standard 1 class will also do a fundraiser of its own and all proceeds will benefit the families of patients living with cancer. Salima has been an inspiration to children at her school and hopefully, more Belizean children will learn that they are not too young to help make a better Belize.