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Thursday, 15 November 2012 00:00

Ashley Hemsley scores 11 points for BWSLThe Belize District Basketball Association Firms and U-23 competition regular seasons came to an end of Friday, November 9th, 2012, at Bird’s Isle. In the first game played, BWSL defeated Belize Bank by the score of 39-33. The top scorers for BWSL were Calbert Yarde and Ashley Hemsley with 11 points each, while the top scorer for the Belize Bank was Dominique Guzman with 12 points.

In game two, Atlantic Bank defeated Central Bank by the score of 71-68. The top scorers for Atlantic Bank were Rei Lee with 25 points, and Jermaine Tillett with 16 points. Meanwhile, the top scorers for Central Bank were Edward Baptist with 18 points, and Shane Reneau with 16 points.

In the third game of the evening, the number one seed into the playoffs, Port of Belize won handily over Airport by the score of 85-69. The top scorers for Port of Belize were Ian Augustine with 25 points, Lennox Bowman with 23 points, and Maxwell Nicholson with 16 points. For the Airport squad, the top scorers were Vince Lamb with 16 points and Paul Swasey with 14 points.

And in the final game of the evening, Bowen n Bowen routed Smart by the score of 71-58.The top scorers for Bowen n Bowen were Steve Bonnell with 29 points and Milton Flores with 15 points, while the top scorer for Smart was Kirk Budd with 36 points.

On Thursday, November 8th, in the first of two games played, BWSL handed Airport its second straight defeat when it edged them by the score of 54-51. The top scorers for BWSL were Karim Thompson with 16 points and Lawrence Young with 10 points.

In game two, BTL won over Central Bank by the score of 54-52. The top scorers for BTL were Lennox Cayetano with 15 points and Clive Stanford with 8 points, while the top scorers for Central Bank were Benedict Terry with 22 points and Wilfred Richards with 17 points.

The seeding for the playoffs has now been determined. Port of Belize has seeded one, followed by BSWL, BTL, Airport, Atlantic Bank, Central Bank, Bowen n Bowen, and Belize Bank. The playoffs will  commence this coming weekend at the Bird’s Isle.