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Thursday, 22 November 2012 00:00

Gregorio  ‘Papas’ Garcia The People's United Party keeps on falling apart.  It seems that despite the fact that they were able to win quite a number of seats in the National elections, they can't keep themselves together. There is great animosity and backbiting within the leadership, with Francis Fonseca being unable to solidify his leadership. Most maintain that he simply does not have the wherewithal to be the party's leader. Some speculate that he is doing even a worse job than Johnny Briceno was doing before he was dethroned.

And while Francis knows that he does not have the mental capacity to lead the PUP, he sure does have the political wit to keep those who support him around and get rid of those who don't. The latest casualty to Fonseca trying to keep his crown was Gregorio 'Papas' Garcia, who like a bag of spoilt potatoes was thrown out the door on Saturday, November 10th. At a secret meeting, he was removed as the PUP Standard Bearer for Corozal Bay. The reason for his ouster is because he is known to support Johnny Briceno. One only needs to look at his pedigree; coming from Gregorio Garcia and Narda Garcia, you'd know that he has to support Briceno.

And while he is now a thing of the past, the reality for Francis is that he is preoccupying himself a bit too much with Briceno and his loyalist to truly focus on the real enemy who he has in his midst. Some advice to the leader: watch who in your party is hogging up all the airtime these days and you will know where the leadership challenge will come from. The Spoilt Brat has more ambition than just being a loudmouth at the National Assembly. It will come as no surprise when Julius poses a leadership threat to Francis. He is not only making noise because he likes the attention; it is strategic since he want to create a national image when he attempts the leadership bid.

Francis, be careful of the company you keep.