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Thursday, 22 November 2012 00:00

Lee HenkisOn Wednesday, November 21st, 43-year-old Lee Henkis was found guilty of sodomizing an 11- year-old primary school boy when he appeared in Supreme Court.

Henkis was found guilty after a jury of nine people deliberated for over 4 hours and found him guilty of committing an unnatural crime upon a 9-year-old primary school boy which occurred on July 4, 2010.
The verdict was delivered at 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon before Justice Troadio Gonzalez.

When Henkis heard the verdict, he seemed shocked and was very emotional, with tears visible in his eyes.

During his trial, Henkis was unrepresented.

The primary school boy, who is now 11, testified on November 12th, at the commencement of the trial “In camera” that on July 4, 2010, he was at home watching television. When the movie finished, he went to the home of Henkis, who told him he had a cell phone for him. The boy said Henkis had promised to give him a phone prior to that day and when he went to Henkis' home, he was told that the phone was inside his bedroom. When he went to the room, Henkis took off his clothes and also removed his own clothes and sodomized him.

After the ordeal, the boy testified that Henkis took out a video camera and began to video him. Then, he dressed him back and gave him the cell phone he had promised him. According to the boy, he left the house and went home.

In his defense, Henkis who was unrepresented, gave a dock statement claiming that he did take the boy fishing but that he never had sex with him.

Prosecutor Thalia Meagan Francis had called several witnesses to testify against Henkis including the child’s parents. His father told the court that he saw his son with a cell phone while, his mother testified that Henkis knew his son and that one day, he had dropped off fish to their home for their son.

Sentencing for Henkis is set for November 28th, when Justice Troadio will hear mitigation on his behalf.

This is Henkis' second conviction for such a crime. He had served some years behind bars many years ago.