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Thursday, 29 November 2012 00:00

More than likely, he is unable to even get on a professional racing bicycle, but that has not deterred the Orange Walk Mayor to want to run for the Vice Presidency of the Belize Cycling Association. He is probably more adept at riding a child's tricycle than a real bike, but that aside, it is strange that this man, who has proven to be nothing but a failure would want to run in an association where much would be expected from him.

The elections for a new management structure was scheduled for Saturday, November 24th; however, because the current leadership does not want to relinquish the reigns, the elections had to be postponed. The man contesting, Dion Leslie along with cyclists from across the country had gone to Cayo ready to elect a new executive when the process had to be aborted, because the current leadership said it had made a mistake in submitting the guiding regulations for the association. They claim that the association is really a Federation and the election process should follow the statues of a Federation, yet what was submitted to the National Sports Council and the rules by which the elections should follow is that of an Association. After much back and forth, there was no election and it was postponed.

But while the postponement was one thing, another is the fact that at least one of the personalities who is running. Kevin Bernard wants to be the Vice President. Is he serious? This man has single-handedly ran the Orange Walk Town Council into the ground and now he is seeking another position of leadership!

To the cyclist we add a word of caution: look at the man's history and you will know what he is capable of accomplishing. In our view, that is nothing!