“A man who will not defend his country is not entitled to reap the benefit thereof.” Thomas Paslow - Letter to 1797 Public Meeting Print E-mail
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Thursday, 29 November 2012 00:00

The well-documented 1797 decision to defend the Belize settlement from the Spanish Army planned invasion set the stage for the 1798 Battle of St. George’s Caye and was a major turning point in Belizean history.  Likewise, the rejection of the 1966 Thirteen Proposals, the 1968 Seventeen Proposals, the 1981 Heads of Agreement, the 1991 Belize Maritime Areas Act and the 2002 Ramphal/Reichler Proposals were turning points in Belizean history. In all these rejections, Belizeans defended our country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.  Otherwise, there would be no Belize, not as we know it today. 

 Just as the Spanish attacks on Belize Town persisted, until they were defeated in 1798, the neo-colonialist attacks on Belize persist with the assistance of those Belizeans who do not wish to yield to Thomas Paslow’s call to defend this country.  The United States of America’s assistance in foiling the efforts of Belize to secure funding from the IDB is not surprising, and should have been expected.  They have always proposed settlements that were unfavourable to Belizeans.   Prime Minister Barrow reported in 2008 that the Americans brought pressures to bear on Belize and BNE during their oil price negotiations.  It is also no surprise that the effect of the foil has bolstered the British magnate’s position and efforts to destabilize Belize.  They were and are always partners.  Check who were the players and the details of settlement Proposals and Agreements.

What is surprising is the onslaught by Belizeans on our country Belize and the Belizean people.  It is unimaginable that for personal gain, learned Belizean Senior Counsels and Technocrats would do everything within their capabilities to wrestle national assets from Belizeans and proudly place them into the hands of the British and American masters.  It is a shame that in the name of the environment and other cloudy agendas, NGOs are denying Belizeans benefits from our natural resources.  It is more disgusting when the assault is on the efforts to improve the infrastructure of Belize City.   These operatives can use their expertise to help defend our country from these aggressors; instead they are steadfast in the demise of Belize.  They are few, but they are indebted to the masters, and the masters’ tunes, playing on Belize Fox TV and Opposition radio, are not to defend Belize.  Thomas Paslow is probably tossing and turning in his grave shouting “A MAN WHO WILL NOT DEFEND HIS COUNTRY IS NOT ENTITLED TO REAP THE BENEFIT THEREOF.”

Belizeans, we are many, contrary to the noise in the market; we cannot rely on the Masters.  They are not our saviours. We need to reap the benefits from our natural resources and local industries, benefits that can lead to a better Belize, with more employment, improved infrastructure, higher education, and expanded industrial activity.  Let’s come together to form local consortiums to increase local economic activity and curb our appetite for imported products that we can produce.  When we buy imported products, we fund employment in other countries and less Belizeans are employed.
We are at another historical juncture; Belize is again under multiple assaults.  Let us invoke the Belizean nationalism, patriotism, and the spirits of the Flowers Bank dozen, Thomas Paslow and our Belizean Hero, Philip Goldson, and make that decision to defend Belize.
Stand up for Belize! “…the time to save our country is before we lose it”.