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Thursday, 06 December 2012 00:00

There was a section in the editorial of the Amandala newspaper dated November 27th, 2012 which caught my attention, since it inferred a reasoning which I had long ago drawn conclusion to regarding ,the skewed results of the March 7th, 2012 General Elections. In this election, the UDP Government did quite well in Belize City, but had disappointing returns in the districts, especially Cayo and OW.

Since Belize City is the media hub of our country, I had concluded that all the PUP blitz, which smothered the air waves before the elections had been neutralized by city-based TV and radio hosts; but these latter neutral or UDP-leaning talk shows never did reach the districts and villages, who went blue for the most part. So the question posed by the Amandala was, “Was the national monopoly (media) house as neutral in 2012 as it had been in the previous four general elections?” Let us probe the editor’s question a little.

After listening to the local news Monday night past, I began flipping through the TV channels since I was feeling bored. I stopped at Love TV and listened in a little to Mr. Gordon speaking about religion, poverty and crime, or something along those lines. Thing is, as soon as the camera panned out to capture the entire panel on the show, I said to myself, “jeez, what is Grandpa from the Munsters doing on this show?” Then I realized it was Gegg, who was slouching in a chair to the left of the screen.

In seeing him, it came back to me why I had previously concluded that Love TV had really hurt the UDP in the districts in the last election. Not only did the PUP invest a lot of money at Love in ads, but Love’s management allowed this team of so called “neutral” political pundits to air the show “Talk Politics” regularly, which bombarded the UDP for entire two-hour periods during prime time at night, its vile attacks reaching all corners of Belize.

The personalities who sat in that panel were well-known names whom people believed, not because of any notable achievement, but because they were able to yarn so convincingly, especially mademoiselle from Oceana. But it is Gegg who incensed me the most, with his fake accent and the smug look on his face as if he was gynecologist to royalty. By now, you will have concluded that “mi blood no tek that man at all”.

Anyway, Gegg was the lead anti-UDP font on that particular TV show, and he made so many outlandish statements like investors were lining up at the Belize borders if the PUP won (he incessantly declared to viewers that the PUP would win, and to set-me-Bob, he had never erred before in predicting election results), and that living conditions in Belize would, in the blink of an eye, metamorphose into those of Singapore!

That was months ago, but can you believe this? He was back with his silly Singapore references for everything on Monday night. He said that Belize has 55% poverty, and that religion had nothing to do with poverty or crime, since Singapore does not subscribe to Christianity but it does quite well. Why does this man persist in making spurious public statements, especially about poverty levels in Belize? I do not want to labor too much importance on his argument on religion, but think about his other utterance; Gegg is saying that every other person in Belize is destitute, plus, this whole crime and poverty situation is as a result of lying politicians who proclaimed “imagine the possibilities” and have done nothing for our country. That phrase, of course, is attributed to the UDP campaign during the 2008 elections, so Gegg is assigning his entire bogus 55% poverty to this UDP Government. See why my blood churns when I hear this gentleman speak?

Before I sign off for this week, let me cool off by making one last humorous observation. I don’t want to sound mean or cynical, but that advertisement which is being sponsored by the Ashcroft Alliance regarding our national debt is not being consistent in the message it is trying to get across to the public. The setting is ok; at a creaky upstairs house and all, but the two protagonists that are claiming that things “bad out ya” don’t look afflicted by hunger at all, nor seemed to have missed any meals for a long time. The Alliance should have picked skinny people to claim we are living in a bad country!