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Thursday, 06 December 2012 00:00

Major Medical Upgrade at KHMHOver the past couple of weeks, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) has done 7 major surgeries, where the gall bladder of patients were removed and the patients left the hospital within a matter of hours. To hear of people going home so quickly after major surgery is a thing unheard of at the KHMH but, that is exactly what is taking place at the institution.

According to Dr. Adrian Coye, the  Director of Medical Services at the hospital, the KHMH has introduced the use of a Laparoscopic equipment to deal with one of the most common ailments in Belize, cholecystectomy (the removal of the gall bladder). According to Coye, the KHMH sees over two hundred patients every year, who require the procedure. In the past, surgery to remove the gall bladder was one where major intrusive surgery was required with patients spending long periods of time at the hospital and out of work. That now is a thing of the past.

With the introduction of the laparoscopic equipment, patients can go in, have the surgery done and be back home the next day. The procedure is one where small incisions are made on the abdomen and a medical doctor inserts narrow instruments in them. With the use of a camera, the physician is able to manipulate the instruments to allow for the bladder to be removed without a major incision. According to Coye, the equipment brings the KHMH into the modern age of dealing with the problem.

While the tool is currently being used primarily for gall bladder removal, according to Coye, there are other applications which, include it being used as a diagnostic tool for biopsies, appendectomies, the placing of catheters, the removal of kidneys and the draining of internal abscesses.

The new addition to the KHMH’s tools of treatment came as a partnership between the institution and the Government of Belize with each footing half of the 100 thousand dollar bill. Dr. Coye says that the equipment is most useful at the hospital since the institution’s goal is to raise the standards of medical care to patients, as well as have that medical care readily accessible to the public. And at a cost of $1,200 per surgery, the treatment is definitely accessible.

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