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Thursday, 06 December 2012 00:00

Std. I class of Hummingbird elementary SchoolOn December 14th, the Standard 1 class of Hummingbird Elementary School will be donating over ,150 to the Dangriga Cancer Center. The money is proceeds of two fundraisers spearheaded by 7-year-old, Salima Barrow.

On Sunday, November 4th, Salima and three friends, Gianna Saldivar, Hayley and Abigail Thurton made $2,051.20 by selling lemonade inside the BTL Park. Even before her mother, Kim Simplis-Barrow, was diagnosed with breast cancer, Salima was bugging to open a lemonade stand to raise funds for children with special needs and those living with cancer. Her mother’s diagnosis and battle did not discourage the ambitious child. Instead, it acted as a catalyst. She was more motivated than ever to assist children suffering from the disease that her mother was afflicted with.

She kept mentioning the lemonade stand idea to her mom because she was driven by her desire to help cancer patients. Finally, a family friend, Shelly Bowen, heard her mentioning the idea and with the help of the Bowen family, “Salima’s Limeade Stand” was opened. The success of Salima’s Limeade Stand motivated her classmates to join in a second fundraiser. This time, they were selling the same juice but under the theme “Children Helping Children”. The class was separated in groups. One group was responsible for cups; another was responsible to pour the lemonade; one group was responsible to serve, and the final group handled the money. In total, they made a little over $1,100. If they had made just $10 it would have meant just the same to those little girls because the joy that was visible on their faces was priceless.