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Thursday, 13 December 2012 00:00

Edward Burns and Ernie HyattOn Monday, December 10th, 28-year-old Ernie Miranda also known as Ernie Hyatt and Edward Burns were to appear in Magistrate's Court to answerto robbery related charges; however, only Burns was present.

Both men were accused of robbing 37-year-old Marilou Smith, a telephone operator with the Police Department, in the wee hours of the morning of November 11th, 2012 whilst she was heading to work.
Burns appeared before before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer where he gave a dock statement where he said that he didn’t have much to say but he has accused the police of wrongfully arresting him because he never robbed “anyone in m life."

In making her ruling, Magistrate Frazer told Burns that while she is certain he did not rob Smith, the evidence pointed to Miranda as being the one who robbed Smith. She however, found that there was enough evidence to show the court that he was Miranda accomplice in the robbery as he stood there armed with a machete as Miranda robbed with woman.

For his participation in the robbery, Burns was convicted of abetment to robbery and was imposed a non-custodial sentence; he was fined 3 thousand dollars plus 5 dollars cost of court which must be paid by April 30th, 2013 or in default 3 years imprisonment. He was still not freed as he is presently serving time for a drug trafficking conviction. He is also serving time for a $500 fine imposed in the past for possession of a controlled drug that he failed to pay when convicted.

As for Miranda, who chose not to appear in court, was found guilty of robbery and was sentenced to 7 years in jail in absentia.The trial of Miranda and Burns began in October and at that time, Miranda was present. A committal warrant was issue for his arrest.

In court, Smith, the victim, testified that on the morning of November 11th, 2012, at about 1:00 a.m., she was on LaCroix Boulevard when she was approached by two men who were riding separate bicycles. She identified one of the men as Ernie Miranda.

According to Smith, the other man she recognized as a tall red-skinned dread man, but she was later able to identify him to police shortly after the robbery when he was found in the immediate area.

Smith explained that Miranda stood in front of her while the accomplice stood a few feet away from her with a machete in his hand and that’s when Miranda pointed a gun at her and ordered her to hand over all her belongings. Fearing for her life, she complied. The men robbed her of her pink purse, a cell phone as well as $300 in cash. The men then rode off on bicycle.

Smith radioed for help and was assisted. The mobile unit later met Burns and Miranda in the area, but Miranda managed to escape.