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Thursday, 20 December 2012 00:00

Lisa ShomanIn September of this year, Lisa Shoman had the opportunity to travel to the UN General Assembly in New York, courtesy the Taiwanese Embassy in Belize. There is nothing unusual about this kind of courtesy extended to someone; however, what has taken place after the trip is worth mentioning.

The Guardian is reliably informed that during the General Assembly, the Government had to pay for hotel expenses incurred by those who attended. This is because, generally, the sponsor does not make the payments until all expenses are tallied and receipts are handed in. That was done, and the Taiwanese embassy made direct payment to those who were sponsored since part of the money given them included allowances. The understanding was that the participants were to reimburse Government for the expenses incurred.

Now all the delegates who attended the conference have since handed in their portion of the money for the hotel accommodations except Madam Lisa. It is unclear why she has not yet done; so, however, she has been written to on at least two occasions to reimburse the money but to our best information, she has not yet done so.
That's how they in the PUP do it!