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Thursday, 20 December 2012 00:00

My beloved brother Eddie, as he was affectionately known, was not just a brother to me. In my growing up, he was protector and a best friend. In my early adult years, he became my confidant and continued being my best friend. Eddie was always an easy-going, unassuming type of guy who went about his business whistling, smiling and wishing folks the time of the day, quite oblivious to his surroundings. He enjoyed the life which he lived to its fullest.

Eddie was a survivor from birth. He was born in the early morning of the 1931 hurricane. My mother of ten spoke of the adverse effect the storm had on her young family. All her belongings and personal effects were either lost or destroyed; the few pieces of clothing she had for the new born baby were also gone missing. Fortunately, there was a Chinese merchant in the building where she weathered the storm, this kind gentleman went into what was left of his store and brought her an empty sugar sack with which she wrapped her new born (the sugar baby) until she was rescued.

There were many sides to my brother - I remember one Christmas, Mom received a turkey from up river. She was known for her meticulous personality and starting purging the bird with Epson salts in readiness for the Christmas dinner. However, she must have overdone the treatment; the turkey died. When brother Ed came in from work and heard the bird had just died he shouted in a loud voice “Cook-a-mom, cook-a-cook-the- turkey!” We all thought it was funny and laughed at him. For brother Ed it was not funny; he was quite serious.

On another occasion, Eddie was coming to visit with us in Canada. And at the airport in Texas, the story goes, he either missed his connecting flight or nearly missed it due to his casual and happy-go-lucky attitude.  He found time for the friends he encountered at the airport.

 The last time Eddie and Myrtle were in Canada, they were there to celebrate my birthday with me. When he was leaving for home my husband (Delmas) gave him a bottle of his favorite tonic, Johnny Walker Black. Unfortunately, we forgot to instruct him not to take the bottle on as carry-on luggage. On passing through the U.S customs, his Johnny Walker was confiscated. He looked the U.S custom officer in the eyes and said to him “I will never come back to Canada,” Little did we realize the he really meant those words.

Edward, you will be missed by all, family and friends alike and all those who were privileged to know you well will all mourn this loss.
 The Good Lord has prepared a better place for you. Better than this wicked and sinful world of ours. Enjoy it dearest brother, until we meet again.
I will love you always, Your Sis,  Elnora and Family.