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Thursday, 10 January 2013 00:00

KevinThe trial of massage therapist, Kevin Lee, began late 2012 and on Wednesday, January 9th, the defense made its submissions before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Lee is being accused of sexually assaulting one of his clients on April 6th, 2011 during a massage therapy session. The woman claims that during the massage, Lee touched her inappropriately on her breast, buttocks and also attempted to touch between her legs. Lee gave a sworn statement in court with the assistance of a translator. He said that the woman was lying because on April 6th he used a machine to give her the massage. According to Lee, the woman came to him on two separate occasions for treatment. The first time was on March 28th, 2011 where he gave her a healing massage by rubbing her back only and the second was April 6th, 2011. In court, Lee’s attorney, Alifa Elrington-Hyde, presented a yellow notebook and a receipt book in an attempt to prove his innocence. The yellow notebook, which he claims is used to keep records of his business has the first name of the woman for the two dates which he said she came. The DPP, Cheryl Lynn Vidal, challenged the sudden appearance of the books. She asked how was the book not found in his office or spoken of during the police investigation. She pointed to the fact that different client names in the book had the same receipt numbers and even a remanded prison inmate’s name was in the book as a client. The trial against Kevin Lee was adjourned until January 18th.