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Thursday, 10 January 2013 00:00

BusinessesBusiness across Belize City came to a screeching halt on Tuesday, January 8th following shooting incidents which took place in the George Street Gang territory. The shootings are believed to have been responses by those in the neighborhood after the discovery of the bodies of, Albert Fuentes 19, Leonard 'Ghost' Meyers 30, Anthony Perez, 28, and Keino Quallo,40, in an apartment located at the corner of Dean and Plues Street in Belize City; this is the heart of the George Street Gang territory.

The bodies were brought down from the apartment building to the great distress of those who had gathered in the area; among them were family members and friends of the deceased who wanted to get a look at their loved ones. Even as police were processing the scene gunshots began to ring out in the area and the fear of possible injury to innocent persons sent the business and school communities across the city into prevention mode.

This caused the closure of virtually all businesses and schools across the city starting with those nearest to the George Street neighborhood. The first school to close down was St. Ignatius Primary School followed by Wesley School both of them being the nearest to the hot zone. The closure sent a ripple effect across the city virtually forcing all schools, even those far from the area to close down. These were followed by businesses closing down and activity in the city coming to an almost stand still.