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Thursday, 10 January 2013 00:00

Hon.In July of 2006, the University of Belize had announced that it would be increasing its fees to attend classes at that institution. Since that announcement, the Government of Belize paid the difference in increases. While at the time it was only supposed to have lasted for 6 months, that decision was carried forward up until the present. TheĀ  Government now pays some 3 million dollars for students. But the reality is that the Government simply cannot afford to keep on footing the bill. This is especially so because according to Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber, the assistance that is being given to students through grants and scholarships has increased. The Minister added that the assistance offered to students amounts to some million spread equitably to as many of them as possible. The subvention that is being given to the University of Belize has also gone up exponentially. The subvention now stands at million.

Minister Faber added that the announcement is not one that should be taking students by surprise. As a matter of public record, the announcement was made at the National Assembly from the middle of last year. Additionally, only students that are newly registering at the university will be affected by the true cost that UB places on the services they provide. Students, who are currently enrolled at the institution, will continue to pay only a portion of the cost. This will be extended, according to the Minister up to a reasonable time. That is, people will be given enough time to complete their course of studies provided it does not extend beyond what the length of time it should take to complete the courses.