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Thursday, 10 January 2013 00:00

MarcoWhen news broke in the George Street neighborhood that 4 affiliates of the George Street Gang had been executed in the heart of the gang's turf, speculation began to run wild that it was the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) that was responsible. The argument was that it was only the police who could go into the neighborhood and commit such an act because they are the only ones brave enough to do so. That, compounded by the almost daily aggressive interaction, has lent credence to the speculation.

During his press conference on Tuesday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow explained that in fact even the leaders of the gang are of that opinion. In an effort to allay those concerns, the PM called on the head of the GSU Marco Vidal, who categorically denied any involvement of his unit in the killing of the 4 men. He said, We find that the allegation they made is totally unfounded and it is baseless. Any suggestion that the Gang Suppression Unit would be involved in such a heinous crime would self-defeat us as it would destabilize the country and certainly, that is not our mandate.

To further reiterate the GSU's non-involvement, the Prime Minister pointed to the fact that locks to get into the apartment complex where the men were executed were not broken. The residents had alleged that the GSU had visited the apartment on Tuesday during the day and that the locks had been broken to allow them access later on at night. That however, has proven a bad theory as pictures of the scene suggest that there was no forced entry into the apartment.

Now the investigation is trying to determine who did it. After all, the killing of the 4 men was done in a calculated, efficient and most ruthless of fashions; it is the type of mass murder that has never been reported in Belize City before. There are those who are now speculating that those responsible are not even from Belize and the execution was done to send a message to one of the most feared gangs in Belize.