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Thursday, 10 January 2013 00:00

The Peoples Coalition of Cayo (PCC) continues to work with the San Ignacio Police Formation to further reduce crime. As part of the PCC’s major goal, work continued during this past week on a forty foot container on the San Ignacio Police Compound, which is intended to serve as an exhibit and evidence room.

The formative ideas for the Peoples Coalition came from Belize’s leaders, who had a great desire to affront crime. The primary objective of the People’s Coalition Committee is to establish a forum made up of police, citizens and members from many diverse sectors of the Belizean society to develop better police and community relations, to find ways on how the police and community can work together and to improve the image of the Police Department.

As a result, the PCC has been established in the Cayo District to assist the police in achieving their goals. Much has been achieved by the PCC in working with the police, but the evidence room has taken much in their time and efforts. The PCC had begun work on a forty foot container, soon after its arrival as a gift from the United States Government.

“We are finishing up our project for the evidence room at the [San Ignacio] Police compound, outfitting that forty feet container… that they have a secure, strong and proper evidence room,” says Albert Moore, President of the PCC.

This also comes after a contribution by the United States Embassy towards the air-conditioning of the large metal container. Emphasis has been placed in the full insulation of the container to better conserve any volatile and perishable evidence found at the scenes of crimes.

With the container fully put on use in the future, the San Ignacio Police Station will have more space to perform other operations. The police will also be able to conduct other critical functions relating to forensics.

Dr. Gregory Shroshire, who sits on the Board of the PCC and is in charge of fundraising for various projects that the PCC decides on, says that so far some ten thousand dollars has been raised from the community towards the forty foot evidence room. A great amount of effort and time has been placed by Tom Wierum, Brendan O Donough, Bill Butcher and Julian Sherrard.

While much work has already gone into the evidence room, there are other works that need to be done such as the placement of shelves. To complete the task at hand and other projects, the Peoples Coalition of Cayo has set up an account number 650-1-1-21179 at the Belize Bank, San Ignacio Branch.

Over the past year, the PCC has been working closely with the San Ignacio Police Command, focusing on its advisory and supporting role.

“…We try not to go outside of that because we have to lay focus on the police and the police work and what we can do to help our local police formation,” says Albert Moore.

In the past, the PCC has been helpful in obtaining a metal detector for assisting the police in searches for weapons. The PCC has also acquired two safety cages made with seats for placing on pickup trucks. The PCC considers that these units will improve the safety and comfort of officers when deployed for operations in the back of pick-up trucks.

With the recent murders in Cayo over the last few weeks, and the rape just over the weekend, we asked Albert Moore about the nature of these incidents.

“…The Coalition can help the police in the crime fighting efforts but the coalition cannot help the crimes of passion, rape and crime of opportunities,” he said.

But Moore considers that the statistics in the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Areas are showing that burglary, theft and gang activities have been reduced drastically. The President of the Peoples Coalition of Cayo believes that this is because of the strong neighbourhood watch programs in place and the support that the Police Command now has from the community.