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Thursday, 17 January 2013 00:00

MayorOrange Walk Town Mayor Kevin Bernard, who now sees himself as a sage in giving out advice at the level of National Security without even knowing the facts of a case, is heard to be traipsing to and from the Unites States every so often. Suddenly, he is flushed with cash to afford these extravagances.

Former employees feel that he should give himself advice to cut overhead and administrative expenses so as to be able to pay them their outstanding severance pay due since he fired them before Christmas. There are presently several posts at the Orange Walk Town Hall, like public relations officer and human resources manager, which have never existed before.

In the past, Councilors would assume these roles from within, but now the “great” man surrounds himself with people, who openly kiss up to him, telling him how smart he is. As to the fate of the former employees whom he fired last year, it seems that the PUP is contented in making sure only outgoing councilors, who are voted out of office, are entitled to severance pay. Now these workers will have to seek collective legal representation.