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Thursday, 24 January 2013 00:00

ChetumalUnder the leadership of Mayor Darrell Bradley, Belize City is undergoing an impressive, never-before-seen transformation. Nearing to the 1-year anniversary of the elections in March of 2012, the Belize City Council has been able to have either begun to pave or completed as many as 41 streets across Belize City. This week, the work on one of the major streets neared completion; that road is Freetown Road, which is a major artery coming into Belize City.  A couple of weeks ago work  started on Chetumal Street, and the work there has advanced considerably beginning first with the construction of a drain system. Work on the street itself has commenced in earnest with the street being closed off to vehicular traffic.

Another major thoroughfare being completed is New Road with finishing touches being put in place. Those include the lining up of the street, expansion of the sidewalks and improvement of the general aesthetics of the street having been improved.

According to Mayor Darrell Bradley, work is now being moved to other areas of the city, particularly in the Lake Independence area where the paving of a number of streets will begin shortly. More than just paving of streets, Bradley says that the initiative of the Belize City Council is one which will stimulate economic activity as well as job creation. As it is, the paving of streets is being done in a manner such that it promotes economic activity in the city. Added to that are projects that will augment the vision. The painting up of the downtown area for example is a way to make the area more appealing to tourists visiting the city. Plans are also underway to construct a beach at the BTL Park in the Newtown Barracks area. There is also a plan to develop a vacant lot on North Front Street near to City Hall to be able to accommodate tourists who traverse the area. That development will feature kiosks for various persons to set up businesses in the area.

Mayor Bradley also noted that plans are also underway to transform the downtown area of Belize City into a Freezone to encourage tourism and in turn economic activity. Already, the painting up of the area is a step towards that.

All in all, the entire city is going through a transformation that, within the next year, will be clearly visible to both those who live in the city and those who visit.