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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 31 January 2013 00:00

UBHope Amadi, President of the University of Belize’s Student Government, led a protest in Belmopan City on Monday, January 28th, based on the Ministry of Education’s decision to discontinue the subsidization of fees for new enrollees of the institution. Amadi received little support since the students had been aware of the adjusted fees for over six years.   

In August 2006, the University of Belize increased its General Semester Fees without giving students proper notice. Students were outraged and took to the streets in frustration. Their action forced a policy decision in which the Government of Belize agreed to subsidize the increase for all students for a period of six months. That decision was made to give students adequate time to prepare for the fee increase; however, the subsidy kept being extended and with Government’s decision to increase the university’s subvention from $8 to $10 million in addition to $3 million plus in scholarships and grants, the Government simply cannot afford to continue subsidizing school fees for all new students.

In the middle of 2012,  Government announced that it would discontinue the subsidizing of school fees at the University of Belize. In order for fees not to rise on students, it was decided that only new students will pay the adjusted General Semester Fees. Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber made the decision to extend the subsidy for students already enrolled at the university.

Hope Amadi is one of thousands of students who continue to benefit from Government’s subsidy. In the days leading up to registration, he appeared all over the media in an attempt to discourage students from registering for the semester. Despite his efforts, even more students registered than the previous year. Last year, 3,832 students registered for the semester starting in January with 203 of those being new registrations. This year 3,924 students registered with 333 being new registrations.

On Monday, Amadi and other members of the university’s student Government went around campus trying to encourage students to join in on their protest. He managed to persuade a total of about 100 students. Almost every single one of them was still benefiting from the government subsidy. For other students, attending class was far more important than following Hope Amadi as he attempts to make a name for himself by calling out the Minister of Education. Amadi has been exposed as nothing more than a phony - while encouraging students not to register he was one of the early registrants.