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Thursday, 31 January 2013 00:00

Every year on March 22nd, Belize and the Global Water Community celebrate World Water Day, but this year, The United Nations dedicated the entire 2013 as the International Year for Water Cooperation.
Annually, many activities are conducted in the celebrations for World Water Day, and when the celebrations are over, we move on to another event.  One of the objectives of the International Year for Water Cooperation is to encourage everyone to be proactive through the incorporation of water and water cooperation issues into their 2013 agenda.

This year, Belize will undoubtedly celebrate World Water Day again; however, Belizeans need to become more knowledgeable of the impact of our activities on our water resources and how we can contribute to the sustainable management of this resource.  Teachers throughout the spectrum of our educational system can conduct classroom activities, projects, research, literary reviews, guest speakers, etc. to keep water in the limelight this year.

The media can play a crucial role in keeping water issues in the forefront through guest appearances on the talk shows, technical discussions, video presentations, trivia, etc. where possible on radio or television programs.

Belize is blessed with an abundance of water and surprisingly water resources experts are an endangered species in Belize.  Many of the decision and policymakers treat water resources management and use as an add-on or an extra to engineering, management, and economics.  Water is so vital that its understanding, management and use require specialist training.  It is time for the earmarking or reservation of Government scholarships for training of water resources experts.

There are many water related issues that need Belize’s attention.  The few highlighted here are only the beginnings, many more will be presented as Belize continue to celebrate the International Year of Water Cooperation.  After the celebration for World Water Day and at the end of the Year, a lot more water, resources issues will remain as yet to be accomplished.  As we strive to increase the visibility of water we hope that there will be a momentum that will persevere beyond the International Year of Water Cooperation and that Belize will be able to obtain the long term benefits from the vital natural resource.
Water’s Worth it!  Its Everyone’s Business!  Let’s Cooperate!