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Thursday, 07 February 2013 00:00

JoseHe rose to prominence in the collective bargaining agreement negotiations as the 'numbers' man for the unions. He could calculate GDP, and projected revenue from GDP growth faster that the smartest among us, but there was something that simply was not adding up with the President of the Association of Public Service Senior Managers. On Thursday of last week, he fired off a letter to the Prime Minister, before the a scheduled meeting between the PM and the union leaders. In the letter, he claimed that he was being intimidated and alluded that his two-year tenure with the APSSM would be difficult.

Lo and behold, there was something amiss; months before he even became the president of the APSSM, he had applied to be declared medically unfit. The request was done in August of 2012 and by September the Ministry of Agriculture and its CEO had looked favorably at the request. Then in October, he became the President of the APSSM. During this tenure, a medical board had approved his request and it was recommended that he be allowed to collect his benefits.

For him to have stated that he feared victimization when he knew fully well that there was very little if anything that could have been done to intimidate him makes most wonder exactly what the reason was for him being declared medically unfit. Did he make a visit to a psychiatrist?