Who are You to point Fingers? Print E-mail
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Thursday, 07 February 2013 00:00

FrancisMinister of State Hon. Mark King has been suspended for three months without pay from his duties as Minister of State. An incident at the Princess Casino at the Corozal border prompted this decision by the Prime Minister. Charges are also being brought against Hon. King for aggravated assault, threatening words and disorderly conduct which he is prepared to defend.

The reason why it is necessary for us to point out the course of action, taken immediately after the incident took place, is to highlight the hypocrisy of the People's United Party. They have sent out a release in which they say they express their dissatisfaction at the course of action taken against King. But the question all Belizeans are asking, who are you to point fingers?

And indeed that sentiment is one we share. There have been multiple instances where PUP area representatives have been caught in compromising situations. Most recently, in the middle of December of last year, PUP Orange Walk South Area Representative, Jose Mai was caught at a checkpoint in Chan Chen Village with 15 cases of Miller Beer. He was in fact contrabanding but there was not a peep coming from the People's United Party. It is not too late for them to take action against Mai.

And while we will not hold our breath on that one, it is necessary to point to the hypocrisy of the People's United Party. Their leader simply does not have the ‘cojones’ or moral fortitude to either reprimand someone from within the ranks for wrongdoing or to take any kind of moral high ground on any matter. All and sundry from both within and without of the PUP know that Francis simply has not the ability to reprimand anyone because he is not truly the leader of the PUP. Then there are those who ask themselves, how can a criminal organization reprimand anyone from within itself for wrong doing? The answer is they simply can't the adage goes, 'if you point a finger, there are four pointing back at you'. Maybe Francis and the PUP must learn this.

At least the Prime Minister has the ability to determine when and take action when there is even the perception of wrong doing. The same cannot be said about the leader of that other political party.