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Thursday, 21 February 2013 00:00

As of February 4th, of this year and running for 6 months thereafter, the Ministry of Natural Resources is conducting a Land Tax Amnesty program. Under the program, people who have not been paying their land taxes will be forgiven interest and fees along with a 25 percent discount on moneys owed to the Lands Department.

According to Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry, Beverly Castillo, the program is designed to encourage persons to come in and update their information with the Lands Department. In doing so those who take advantage of the amnesty will be getting major discounts on amounts they owe. For its part, the lands department will be increasing its revenue from taxes while at the same time updating and increasing the number of persons who pay their land taxes. 

The program will be conducted countrywide where persons, who fit into the category, can come in and make payment arrangements of arrears at any of the lands department offices. Castillo says that conservatively, estimates have it that as much as $200 million has accrued on land taxes, which are not paid and it is likely that it is more than that.