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Thursday, 07 March 2013 00:00

ReclamationMarch 7th will mark one year since the Belize City Council under the leadership of Mayor Darrell Bradley was elected into office. Based on the grade A concrete streets - 54 of them - the tenure of this Belize City Council has seen unprecedented development. The council's successes are not limited to streets; however, speaking to Mayor Darrell Bradley, he explained that there has been much more, less visible accomplishments that the Belize City Council has been able to achieve in one year.

Among the most important achievements, said Mayor Bradley, was the instituting of confidence in the administration of the Council. That was accomplished primarily by the appointment of persons to safeguard the finances of the council including a new financial director as well as a new internal auditor. There was also the formalizing of yearly external audits and the putting in place tendering mechanisms for infrastructural work to be done in the council.

On the financial side, the Council was able to float a 20-million-dollar Municipal Development Bond which is being used to finance the infrastructural work being carried out by the Council. So far, 54 streets have either been paved or are in the process of being paved. Importantly, Bradley noted that there is significant focus being placed on concreting streets in the southside of Belize City.

There has also been major work done in the downtown area of the city where houses have been painted and repaired which, according to the mayor, is for the singular purpose to make that area more appealing to visitors and residents alike. This, he says, is part of a greater campaign to improve the image of the old colonial city and its ability to increase business in that area especially for tourism. The whole idea of improving the look of downtown is one that will be able to stretch the inviting look from St. Johns Cathedral all along to St. John's College boosting economic activity in that entire stretch.

Tying into that is the major upgrade that public areas along that route are experiencing which include the major renovations at Memorial Park, Sandlighters Promenade and the expansion and improving of BTL Park. These investments says the Mayor will provide for more foot traffic and is part of a larger economic development strategy for Belize City to have a stimulating effect to increase business and in turn increase revenue for the city.

All in all, it has been a great year for the Belize City Council and the remaining two years in office will surely prove that the decision to elect a United Democratic Party Council was one of the best decisions that Belize City residents could have made.