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Thursday, 07 March 2013 00:00

For days, weeks and months on end, there was this amorphous entity calling itself Belize's Debt Watch hammering and beating the country's financial position ad nauseam. They did everything under the sun to try to convince the Belizean public that the country was in dire financial straits. They made up figures for how much BTL and BEL are worth, they even took the Prime Minister speaking to the press out of context to try to get their message across. Their purpose turned so pathetic that they had seemingly everyday people speaking finance in their backyards. Their plan seemed simple yet evil at the same time; their focus was to ensure that those who held the Superbond would not sit with the Government and renegotiate it.

But as much as they tried to convince the people in Belize and the Superbond holders that the country's finances were not in order, the Prime Minister proved them wrong. The budget presented on Friday, March 1st proved that whatever the Debt Watch tried to do simply did not work. The country's economic future is looking better than it has ever looked. There was growth in GDP last year and again there is projected growth this year. The Superbond has been renegotiated and the financial strain that it was placing on the economy is now lessened.

And while Debt Watch is now dead, we cannot discount the person who was behind it. The lord will keep on coming and keep on doing whatever he can to discredit Belize and his puppets will never stop doing his bidding. For now, however, Debt Watch is dead and the people of Belize must now keep its attention always alert that the lord will continue.

As for the originator and the brain thrust behind Debt Watch, we understand that he has now taken on a new hobby, that of saving monkeys. To him we say keep doing that because your ploy to derail the Government's prudent fiscal path has failed. Tell that to the lord!