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Thursday, 21 March 2013 00:00

Eamon Courtenay and Godfrey Smith“An association this resourceful and well-connected could have boasted a better track record of contributing to the performance and reform of the justice system. The bar could, for example, have had a legal aid website that encourages public self-help by providing free templates for things like wills, simple contracts, leases, bills of sale, deed polls,  and statutory declarations. A handful of high school scholarships could have been awarded each year to deserving marginalized youth. Reforms could have been initiated so that, as an example, persons wishing to divorce each other (without ascribing blame) could do so without requiring the services of an attorney.” - Godfrey Smith, Flashpoint.

“It’s quite easy to sit in your luxurious office and make these comments, but you need to come and participate. It is unfair and wrong to criticize the Association for being inactive”.- Eamon Courtenay comments on 7 News

Eamon Courtenay and Godfrey Smith have become quite a pairing of attorneys for Michael Ashcroft, whenever the latter chooses to take the people and Government of Belize to court they are the first to be called on. They have become almost like pitbulls in the Belizean courts. These days, however, it appears that the lord cannot throw enough legal bones for these two to chew on and remain occupied that they have turned on one another.  The disagreements between the two has now gone public and it started off when Godfrey Smith wrote that much more can be accomplished by the Bar Association and Eamon Courtenay retorted that Smith does not attend meetings and even inferred that he is living high off the hog. It should be noted that Courtenay must have thought it disrespectful for his bum bally to be throwing stones his direction since he is the president of the Bar Association. 

For these two to be at each other’s throats is quite a significant development and it reminds us of trained fighting pitbulls. These dogs are bred and exercised for the sole purpose of killing other dogs. The thing with these canines is that once there is no adversary, and they are within close proximity to one another they tend to go at each other despite the fact that they have the same handler. This is just what is taking place here. Both these attorneys have the same handler but it seems that they are not busy enough that they are now going at each other. There is absolutely no sympathy for either of these two. They have their own sins and have done this country wrong, each in his own way. If they so choose, they can rip each other’s throats out and rip themselves apart. For us, we say “please do!” It is great entertainment and the less we see of both these lawyers the better off the country is. After all, it should be remembered that most of the time that they make public appearances is for an on behalf of the lord who always is looking at the demise of Belize and the Belizean people.