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Thursday, 21 March 2013 00:00

(L-R) OIC Eastern Div. Segura; Police Advisor Chand, COMPOL, Whylie and Asst. COMPOL AragonThe Police Department has undergone significant reorganization to make it more effective in controlling crime. The man at the helm and who is ultimately responsible for the transformation is Commissioner Allen Whylie. He’s been in the post since January and has been working arduously to achieve the transformation. Three months into the task, he called a press conference to give the public an idea of what the transformation looks like.

Whylie explained that for better management and accountability, the country has been zoned off into 4 major areas. Those are: the Northern, Easter, Western and the Southern Regions, each having a senior officer in command and responsible. The Northern region is being commanded by Sr. Superintendent Joseph Myvette; Assistant Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura is in charge of the Eastern Region; Superintendent Aaron Guzman has the Western Region and Sr. Superintendent Robert Mariano is in charge of the Southern Region. Within each of the regions, there are sub-divisions also with senior officers in charge to decentralize authority and hold particular individuals responsible.

The region of greatest concern is the Eastern Region where Belize City lies. Here is where the concentration of efforts are taking place and a new approach is being implemented. In Belize City, the concept of precincts are being introduced where four have been formed. Precinct one is located at the corner of Kut and Euphrates Avenues and is commanded by Superintendent Alden Dawson. Precinct two is located at the lower flat of Racoon Street Police Station and is commanded by Superintendent Alford Grinage. Precinct 3 is located at the Queen Street Police Station and the commander is Superintendent Gualberto Garcia. The fourth precinct is located at the Belama Police Station and is commanded by Assistant Superintendent David Chi. According to Commissioner of Police Whylie, the move is to decentralize authority and hold particular officers responsible for particular areas.

Whylie stated that each of the precincts will be equipped with crime fighting tools, which will see optimum performance from each. Each of them will have Beat Patrols, Mobile Patrols, Traffic Officers, Criminal Investigation Officers, Community Policing and Special Branch officers.

The man ultimately responsible for the Eastern Region, ACP Miguel Segura for his part, explained that each of the senior officers in charge of the precincts will be responsible for the effective utilization of resources at his command. That officer will also be responsible for the efficient delivery of service to the communities they serve and will be held responsible and accountable by the officer commanding the Eastern Region. Under the new precinct system, it is expected that there will be increased police visibility in the city, patrols will be more proactive, and response time will be improved. Most importantly, it is expected that there will be greater positive interaction between the public and police officers.