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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 00:00

Dengue fever is a viral infection spread by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. The dengue virus is present in the Caribbean Basin and other parts of the World. Humans are the natural reservoir for the virus. After an incubation period of 2 to 7 days, dengue fever begins with onset of fever, chills and headache. A dengue infection can become complicated and can impact the Central Nervous System.

Hernandez first became affected by high fever on February 14th of this year, where he went into coma two days later. His coma lasted some two weeks. For a time, the young Hernandez was unable to walk or talk. He has been treated at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for his condition where on March 17th the doctors recommended some medications and physical therapy.

The mother of Ralph Fernandez is Delfina Hernandez, who has been asked by attending experts to closely monitor her son. Delfina Hernandez has been specifically asked to consult further expertise if she noted any seizures or changes in behavior and personality in her son.

Ralph Hernandez had to be placed on a hammock this past Sunday to prevent him from injuring himself but by late evening he was able to sit and eat some ice-cream. He has to be attended to regularly by his family members.

In two weeks’ time, Hernandez has to fulfill an appointment with a neurologist in Belize City. But all the treatments to date have proved costly, to some $2,035.00, for CAT Scans and other procedures. She is now asking the public to assist in her child’s medical expenses

Contacts with Delfina Hernandez can be made at 632-9348 or with her daughter Georgia Hernandez at 667-1290. Delfina Hernandez maintains an account at the Saint Martin’s Credit Union, a financial institution based in San Ignacio - the number to that account is 78908776. The family resides on Mariana Gonzalez Street in Santa Elena Town, Cayo District.