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Thursday, 04 April 2013 00:00

Hon. Michael Finnegan was dead on when he told the National Assembly in Belmopan that the PUP has “Macobi” for Mark Espat. It would seem that the People’s United Party really has it bad for Mark Espat. At every public event and even in the dark corners where they lurk, they lament, complain and bemoan that Mark Espat is no longer a member of the PUP. It burns them to the core to know that if Espat had not removed himself from those low-down rotten individuals in the PUP, he could have made a difference in the last general elections for them. It is even quite likely that they would have formed the next government.

At house meetings, Julius Espat and Mike Espat beat their chest claiming to be true-true Espats. We know very well what is the criteria that needs to be met to be considered a real Espat. We need only look at the record of these two Espats and know their cut.

Those among the PUP who lament the loss of Mark Espat have gone on record to say that he was giving their leader (Said Musa) grey hairs. Well, we also know why that was. All we need to do is look back at the past and realize that under Said Musa the PUP had veered onto the corruption road that every reminder which he was given caused him to sprout a bunch of new grey hair. If Mark Espat indeed gave Said Musa more grey hair, it was because at every turn he was advising Musa to move away from the corrupt ways his Government was headed. To suggest that grey hair sprouted as a result of that could only mean that the PUP Government did not want to do this and the constant reminder became an irritant rather than a guide for them.

Now like a forlorn lover, all they can do is lament. They once had Mark in their corner and have not lost him. He has now chosen to work with the UDP for betterment of the country. The PUP now realizes what the old adage means, ‘you don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it.’

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