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Thursday, 04 April 2013 00:00

Shane BaizerShane Baizar, 29, a tour guide appeared in Magistrate’s court on Wednesday, April 3rd where he was charged for operating as a tour guide without first obtaining a license.

Allegations are that on March 25th, 2013, whilst in the Village of Bermudian Landing, Baizar operated as a Tour guide without first obtaining a license.

Baizar, who pleaded not guilty, asked the court to give an explanation in the matter. He told Magistrate Adolph Lucas that he was wrongly charged because of complaints by his competitors in the business.

He said that in 2006, he was charged with the same offence but it was later withdrawn. That’s because he said that the charge was only placed against him as a malicious act by a competitor who feels threaten by him in the business.

He said that his tours come to him from private people because he has a site and that he has a license to be a tour guide and that the charge only arose out of something seen on a website that does not even belong to him.

But when Magistrate Lucas asked Baizar to present his tour guide license he could not do so.

The court prosecutor in the matter, Sgt. Clinton Magdaleno told him that if he had his license to present to the court, then the charges would have been withdrawn but Baizar could not present any such license.

With that, Magistrate Lucas offered him bail in the sum of $500 plus a surety of the same amount with conditions. He was ordered to stay away from the virtual complainant, which is a Tourism Police Officer, Cpl. Berry. He was also ordered to stay away from any other prosecution witnesses until the matter is disposed of.

The matter was then adjourned until the end of May.