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Thursday, 04 April 2013 00:00

Wallace Donald Matura48-year-old Wallace Donald Matura was shot multiple times while standing at the corner of Orange Street and East Canal on Friday, February 15th. Matura’s shooting was not gang related and not the typical case of an individual’s bad deeds coming back to haunt him. Instead, this was the case of a man standing up for something noble. Matura witnessed an adult male advancing upon and disrespecting a female child. He later said, “I knew the child and her family and could not stand by idly.” Matura intervened and demanded that the man leave the girl alone. The embarrassed man went away and returned with another man. They then opened fire in Matura’s direction. He was shot a total of 8 times, receiving gunshot wounds to his abdomen, left hand, right hand and left leg. 26-year-old Carmita Chan and 32-year-old Alchea Harris also received gunshot injuries as they walked on Orange Street. Chan was shot in the left side of her buttocks and Harris was grazed on his left hip. All three individuals were transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment. Chan and Harris were released shortly after. Matura underwent emergency surgery and seemed poised for a full recovery. After surgery, he issued a public statement thanking Doctors Jose Moguel and Leah Rosado as well as the nurses for their tireless effort to save his life. Unfortunately, Matura never did fully recover from his injuries and it caused him to be readmitted at the hospital multiple times since the incident. He experienced septic shock and his organs began to fail. He was placed in an induced coma on March 26th and died shortly after 12 noon on March 27th. Belizeans will certainly remember his post shooting comments: “It is most unfortunate that older men find it acceptable to interfere with children in our society.”