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Thursday, 11 April 2013 00:00

Orange Walk Mayor, Kevin BernardThe Mayor of Orange Walk Town is back on the news again, this time he's pretending to be the bastion of morality as he unceremoniously closed down a business in Orange Walk Town.  Last week the mayor hit the airwaves on CTV3 and was even quoted in the PUP's Belize Times saying that “I will stand my ground on that again and this Council will not allow any casino or casino type establishment to operate within this municipality. Reason for that is that our social profit in this municipality is already decaying. If we should allow such type of business- we are just continuing to add more to the poverty and difficult situation that people are under.”

What Bernard was speaking about was the closure of a gaming establishment by the name of 'Route 88' located on the Belize Corozal Road in downtown Orange Walk.  He claimed that he was unaware of what type of business was being conducted at the establishment. The Guardian however has received a copy of an application for Gaming Machine License applied for by Jian Xing Chen specifically for 40 gaming machines. The application bears a 'No objection by Local Authority Signature (Kevin Bernard) and Stamp of Local Authority (Orange Walk Town Council). It also has a stamp by the Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police District (See page 1). The application is dated the 5th of December 2012.

We have also been furnished with receipt number 279484 where Jian Xing Chen paid the town council $250 for a trade license for 2013 with a balance outstanding of $750 and another receipt number 279484 for a Malt and Cider Liquor license for $500.

Now Bernard has taken the position that he did not have knowledge of the establishment after residents in the area began to apply pressure on him to rescind the establishment's trade and liquor license which he did. Now he presents himself as some sort of savior when the reality is that he knew fully what was going to take place at the business place. What a hypocrite we say. 

But hypocrisy aside, The Guardian has also been reliably informed that at least one high official at the Town Board received a $10,000 dollar ‘BITE’ for the granting of the license to 'Route 88 Ltd.' That money was paid and was well received before there were objections. Now that the Orange Walk community has expressed its dissatisfaction with the casino-type establishment the saint has appeared to save the day. We understand that there is no talk about returning the under-the-table 10G's following the revocation of the trade and liquor license.       

Generally, gaming establishments are not the Guardian Newspaper's cup of tea, but when it comes to dishonest business practices perpetuated by a local authority, then gaming establishment or not, it should live up to its commitments.

We dare, Kevin Bernard to explain this one to us!