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Thursday, 11 April 2013 00:00

It is said that many men thrive on the idea to live on long after they are gone, not particularly through Christianity’s promise of eternal life, but by making meaningful contributions to humanity. There is nothing wrong with this concept in life; in fact, is an admirable quality, since most great men are honored for the good that they have contributed to civilization. But great men take years, decades even, to make an indelible mark in history, and it involves much effort and great perseverance on their part.

Not so with the PUP Town Council here in Orange Walk. They are in a hurry to make their scratch in history, not by works, but through shrines. One of the first projects they undertook involved a lot of artwork. They decided to commission the sculpting of the insignia of the OWTC alongside our country’s coat of arms and the names of all past Mayors who have served our municipality. While many citizens felt that this major task could have taken a back burner, considering the high price tag it came with, and these finances been directed to the pothole-decorated streets, they shrugged it off as just another misguided political fetish; an error of judgment, or lack thereof.

But the OWTC did not stop there. The PUP Councilors must have said, but what about us? Are we not the greatest thing to happen to OWT? Do we not deserve to be recognized and remembered by all? So they decided to have their names carved out right alongside the Mayors’ roster; only theirs are more prominent. I have to ask, where does narcissism stem from? One year in political office and they want their names to be written in stone? Man, if they had done but one notable achievement for the town, at least pave the street by the BEL offices, then maybe even their fellow PUP supporters could agree with this claptrap, but nada, nothing, and their names are right up there in stone, for I don’t know how long.