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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 18 April 2013 00:00

To be honest though, the Foreign Minister has recently held his ground in dealing with the Guatemalan claim to half of our country. Indeed, in the previous rounds of public commentaries, Hon. Elrington looked like President Obama in the first presidential debate with Mitt Romney; weak, easy and a push over. However, in recent interviews the Minister looks composed and informed; his demeanor calm and decisive regarding the hostile rumblings coming from the government of Guatemala. This makes us feel more comfortable when we hear that there is a coherent plan of action to deal with outlandish turns of events as they unfold west of us.

The other news segments that aired over these few days did not go down well with the Belizean public. The first hit came from Plus TV in Belmopan, regarding the Rosewood issue. On this, I will say it straight: I think the government did not properly manage this sensitive subject, which resulted in the Party being hurt deeply. Any decision on this matter should have been promptly relayed and explained to the Belizean people to avoid speculation and supposition. The worst thing to do is to fail to communicate with your citizens, and while in the past ministers could have gotten away with burning issues, these days everyone with a cell phone also at once has a camera. Personally I hope the amnesty period for exporting this precious but controversial logwood comes to an end soon and we put this entire episode behind us with the moratorium in place.

The other topic that had Channel Fox drooling was the announcement that Oceana had been victorious in its challenge to the contracts signed with some offshore oil companies. I mean, the braggadocios lady had her day in court and trumped a victory against my squad. Give the devil her due; she is relentless, albeit annoying, in her pursuance of a concern, and represents her clients well. But we must never forget who signed those faulty contracts in the first place, which are costing taxpayers so much to defend. I cannot help but joke that if Mr. Musa were in the same circumstance, he would probably have said to Godfrey Smith, “no watch me, watch yourself!”

I have to look at the bright side of everything, though, and in Oceana’s victory two good things happened: the first is that if the oil companies sue us for compensation if the leases are cancelled, our lawyers can point to the court ruling as the reason for cancellation. Foolproof defense, I hope. The other nice thing about this development is that maybe the lady will give her referendum issue a rest now. Mein, she even suggested it be linked to the ICJ referendum when that subject was in play. You got your ruling, Ms. Lady, so for now, please stop your bawling.