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Thursday, 18 April 2013 00:00

Meetings held in August Pine Ridge, Cayo Central and Corozal NorthEvery since Party Chairman, Alberto August took the reins of the office he's been moving around the country energizing the party's political machinery, getting it ready for the village council elections.

Last weekend it was no different as he paid visits to five- constituencies in three districts. The weekend tour began on Thursday April 11th when he visited San Jose Palmar in the Orange Walk East constituency. Friday it was August Pine Ridge and San Felipe in the Orange Walk South constituency. Then it was the Calcutta Community on Saturday in the Corozal South East constituency. That very day he travelled to Corozal North  and on Sunday it was Cayo Central.

Throughout his tour it has been about invigorating the Standard Bearers, Village council slates, workers and supporters of the United Democratic Party. And at every instance and every stop of his journey, the chairman is proving for himself that the UDP is ready for village councils. Where there may be areas that need strengthening, he offers that support and without failing those who come in contact with him surely appreciate that the UDP's leadership is making its way to the battle ground to ensure a victory in the upcoming village council elections.