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Thursday, 25 April 2013 00:00

Newtown Barracks pavedIt was once a practice that when a street was paved it would have been featured in the local television news as a major accomplishment in Belize City. Chip and seal being placed on the streets to improve them would feature at the beginning of the paving and a recap at the end. Now streets are being paved with concrete, sometimes 10 at a time, simultaneously and there is not even a peep from the major news stations. We guess that it goes with the territory, when you have done so much it is expected that you do much more without even being recognized.

This is the position where Mayor Darrell Bradley finds himself in; he has far superceded anyone’s expectation. Now he is now at number pushing on 70, the number of streets which have been paved with concrete so far in just over a year in office.

The work is being done at an impressive speed and the citizens of the city are getting value for money. What Mayor Bradley has done in infrastructural work so far exceeds what all councils have done in the last 20 years in Belize City. It is just appropriate that kudos be given to the man for his vision and his ability to implement that vision.