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Thursday, 25 April 2013 00:00

Louis Wade and Patrick Joseph AndrewsThe golden rule in journalism and the media has always been this: you don't write it, say it or comment on it if you cannot prove it. It is a mantra that is upheld across the world and for media organizations, it is the single guiding principle and light which prevents us from running amuck with wild allegations and fantasies. These would in turn lead to the rocky shoals of libel and slander lawsuits.

In Belize, there has not been a single major media entity that has not been served with a lawsuit or a threat of a lawsuit, yet it has never been the case that these entities go public crying about their fate. Most decide to settle out of court, which by and large means they accept responsibility that what was said or written cannot be proven and an apology and or cash compensation is given to the aggrieved party.

Enter the new Christian child, Plus TV; granted the work that they have been putting in at elevating themselves is admirable, after all this entity went from an advertisement production studio to a full blown television station albeit, a local cable television station. The Hon. John Saldivar believes that the television station, and in particular, Patrick Joseph Andrews slandered his name and reputation after making wild allegations about the way Christmas turkeys were distributed in the constituency (the matter is now before the courts so we will elaborate no further.) Nonetheless, Hon. Saldivar felt aggrieved and decided to take out a lawsuit against Plus TV and Andrews. That is the name of the game. You say something that is an untruth and Bam! The lawsuit comes.

Plus TV has now been calling it the muzzling of the press and has been calling on other media entities to run to their defense. Not So! Say the others - if you said it, then go to court and prove you are right, if not pay for your mistake. No media entity will ever come to the defense of another when it comes to these kinds of things because in the pursuit of glory, invariably there are casualties. The court will in this instance decide who the casualty will be. In the meantime, be careful of what you say; lawsuits are simple to mount and expensive to pay.